Pubs: 4 Ways to Make the Most of Dry January

Dry January is a month-long health kick event that takes place every new year and sees individuals ceasing their alcohol intake entirely for 31 days. It’s great for health and many swear by its restorative effects after the indulgent festive season. However, it can spell mixed fortunes for pub owners! Why not tweak your offers and embrace everything positive about a month of healthy intentions?

1. Consider your positioning

For Dry January, position yourself as a pub or bar that is wholly in support of moderate drinking for health reasons by promoting alternative drinks and alcohol-free cocktails. Your brand positioning can really work in your favour here. Rather than being one pub among many, you will have the chance to differentiate yourself as a leading provider of non-alcoholic drink, food and entertainment choices – in a month where there is very little inspiration or exciting events to look forward to for many people!


DRY JANUARY: Doesn't mean dry sales

2. Embrace the ‘dry bar’

Have fun creating your own temperance movement bar for January by creating alcohol-free cocktails, alternative drinks, artisan coffees and delicious speciality teas. Why not invest in a juicer and sell fresh juices? Ask your customers what sorts of things they would like to see and put together an exciting, compelling and taste-tingling list of drink options that spell quality and enjoyment, without the alcohol. Don’t forget to promote what you are doing in the local press either – a well-worded press release could score you some great local coverage!



3. Put on events

When people imagine a dry month, they tend to envision one that is fairly dull and boring. It’s true that a lot of British socialising enjoys a pint or glass of something down the pub, but you can coax dry January participants out of the house with a range of events and attractions that keep them on the straight and narrow… while keeping the punters in your premises! Why not put on a quiz or gaming night, organise a singer or a comedian or even consider having a food tasting evening? This year’s food trends look to include turmeric warm drinks, Hawaiian poke, fermented foods and artisan butchery. Feel inspired to put on a themed night testing out these hot trends? You’ll certainly attract the foodie crowd with your quality offer!



4. Make your pub beautiful

When attracting a sober crowd, ambience is everything. So really perfecting your premises for January is a must! Dress the bar, create beautiful Dry January drinks menus, string up lights and make your premises cosy and welcoming, away from the bad weather. Add colour, music and warmth to keep people in there for as long as possible and include extras such as board games, reading material and comfy sofas to create a ‘home from home’ feel.

Have these ideas inspired you to embrace Dry January as a means to grow profitable new income streams this month?

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