How Small Retailers Can Prepare for Black Friday – 5 Tips

With an anticipated £1 billion of sales expected to be made on November 27th, this year’s Black Friday is set to be a goldmine for retailers. If you own a small shop and are wondering how to cash in on this increasingly popular shopping frenzy adopted from the US, here are some essential tips…


Get web ready


Many savvy Black Friday shoppers are expected to avoid the crowds by making their bargain purchases online. It therefore makes sense to ensure your website is fully prepared for a potential influx of extra visitors seeking the best deals ahead of Christmas. Now is the time to spruce up your digital shopfront. Give the graphics a new lease of life and check everything is working okay. If your website is slow and poorly-designed, it’s well worth investing in a revamp – especially if you’re counting on increasing online sales. Slow, unresponsive designs are likely to overload and crash under the pressure of increased visitors so it’s important to be prepared with a functional design that’s SEO-friendly and a webhost offering an adequate server able to deal with added pressure.


Promote your deals early


Get the word out there early and promote your Black Friday deals as soon as possible. Get active on social media, post leaflets in your local community, place a poster in the shop window – do whatever it takes to inform your regular customers and potential new ones that they need to pay your shop a visit to take advantage of unmissable offers. If you’re really hoping to rake it in, why not arrange a special event to entice your target customers? This could be organised a week or a few days prior to Black Friday as a pivotal opportunity to promote your upcoming sale. For example, a clothes boutique could organise a fashion show and call on locals to volunteer as models. This is a sure-fire way of spreading the world to crowds of proud family and friends there to see their loved one strut their stuff on the catwalk.


Arrange extra staff


Nothing will put customers off faster than massive queues and poor customer service. Black Friday is not the day to scrimp on staffing with just one very stressed and overworked person behind the till. Plan ahead by scheduling in added cover to handle extra customers and keep those queues as small as possible.


Create tempting window displays


Especially when surrounded by numerous other retailers, it can be hard to stand out and grab the attention of passers-by. With the festive season well and truly underway at the end of November, a fun and eye-catching Christmas window display is just the ticket to pique interest. Let your imagination go wild. Make it impossible for people to pass on by without stopping to admire and hopefully entering the shop to see what’s what.


Be strategic with product selection


What is everybody after this Christmas? There’s no point offering a load of products on sale that nobody actually wants. Do your research beforehand to anticipate what will be popular based on current trends. While Black Friday can be used to clear out old stock before the final Christmas shopping rush, it could be much more lucrative if you actually hone in on popular demand for a particular kind of product.



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