How to Attract Students During Freshers’ Week

Universities all over the UK are preparing for the arrival of Freshers’ Week; which means as a business, you’ve got less than a month to master the fish finger sandwich or pull in some live bands. Is it really that simple though? We’ve got some ideas to make sure you are ahead of the game…

1 Offer food & drinks deals

It is a given that when you think of students, you also think of cheap drinks. Selling dirt cheap alcohol is not your only option, and actually- you could earn a bad name for yourself if students drink excessively at your venue. There is a difference between an affordable pint and binge drinking on £10, so invest some good time in getting your drinks prices right. Students will be cautious of spending that maintenance loan in the first week, so play around with easy peasy food deals. If you can pair a baguette or burger with chips and a pint of pop for less than a fiver, you’ve got yourself a happy camper.

2 Host dedicated student nights

Students love getting involved, which is a quality you can always rely on when planning your venue’s ticketed events. Themed nights, pub quizzes and fancy dress parties are old favourites- so why not host one a week solely aimed at students? If your license permits, you can even ask budding musicians from the music society to take care of a live music event. Another way to guarantee student customers? Head over to the local university Freshers’ Fair and offer to sponsor a sports team.

3 Serve up a good breakfast

You don’t have to limit your student related activities to night times or weekends. Whipping up quick, cheap and easy breakfast options is a great way of getting students through those doors! Whether it is the morning after or on-route to lectures, students want to know where they can grab a coffee and barm cake at a good price. If there is time to stop, a comfy seating area and free Wi-Fi is always appreciated.

Top tip: Ask the local university about contributing to Freshers’ Week discount vouchers. These are often included in welcome packs and are handed out on campus.

4 Brush up on the student scene

It sounds cliché, but going the extra mile will always earn you brownie points. Take note of common questions asked by students visiting your pub or bar; is it the whereabouts of the closest cash machine or directions to the tram stop? It might even be a recommendation for a good night out, in which case, toot your own horn! Student newbies will respect your willingness to help, and it won’t go unnoticed.

5 Look after your student guests

Unarguably the most important element of being a `student friendly` pub or bar, is being able to look after your guests when they are on your watch. Whether your services extend to a free taxi phone, a first aid kit or a really friendly bouncer, students are likely to return if they know a safe sanctuary awaits.

Top tip: Keep a full tank of water at the end of the bar and encourage students to help themselves. Add some fresh slices of cucumber and lime and you’re good to go!

6 Get students involved in promotions

As we mentioned previously, students love to get involved where they can. Why not offer some term-time or temporary roles in leafleting to help market your venue? New students will appreciate the extra cash while finding their feet, and what’s more- friends and class mates of your recruits will want to see what the fuss is about.

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