How to Outsource Work and Maximise Business Potential

As a small business owner, you may be one of only a small army of people involved in your business. When you find you’ve got too much on your plate, how do you handle it? How do you increase capacity without short-circuiting the set up? Work too hard and you’ll burn out, but no expansion means limited growth potential. Here are four fantastic ways to outsource business to maximise potential.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

Since Tim Ferriss mentioned My Man in India in his book ‘The Four Hour Work Week’, virtual assistants have sprung to fame. This increasingly popular solution is used by companies of all sizes.

Virtual assistants work externally to your organisation on set tasks and activities. They add another person to your workforce without risk or overheads, can be hired by the hour and offer a very useful, flexible upgrade to manpower.

Employ a Graduate

Management skills are a must to nurture young graduates into budding professionals, but it can be a great opportunity to develop young talent if you love to manage, guide or mentor.

Depending on their age and experience, graduates may need guidance from the basic to the mundane. This is a more serious commitment to your workforce but can be an incredibly rewarding one.

Employ an Apprentice

Government Apprentice Schemes match employers with apprentices, provide training for both parties and offer affordable workforce solutions by funding salaries. By hiring an apprentice you are dedicating your time to their development but the rewards and endless and the opportunities huge.

Hire a freelancer

They say it costs three times more to hire someone in house than it does to hire a freelancer. These individuals can boost your workforce in an instant as they tend to come with bags of experience and the ability to hit the floor running. The downside is that it may take time for them to get to know your business and the cost per hour can be higher than for more junior employees.

Which solution is right for your business?

Weigh up the pros and cons of each. This handy list will give you a sense of which option is right for you at a glance. The most important thing is not to ignore the situation. If you’re out of time, customer service levels will suffer and quality will fall. Tackle the problem head on and find a workforce solution today.

  • Best to test the waters – virtual assistants
  • Best for nurturing in house talent – graduates and apprentices
  • Best for senior expertise -freelancers
  • Best for flexibility – virtual assistants, freelancers
  • Best for affordability – virtual assistants, graduates and apprentices

It’s worth speaking to your insurer to make sure that your policy covers the work of these individuals, and that they have the right kind of insurance, too. Review your policy with The Insurance Octopus today to get all your bases covered!