Reminder warnings are being issued to us all that people are making themselves vulnerable to fraud and ID theft by failing to make the most of basic steps within their mobiles to protect their phones.

LV have released figures that show that 59% of adults do not use password protection on their mobile devices, which can include mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc.

Reports also show that we don’t take the minimal amount of time that it takes to log out of internet banking and social apps—also making it very easy for criminals to steal details and use them fraudulently.

The report also found around 264 mobile phone robberies are reported to police daily – a figure that is up 25% on the last three years.


Jason Brockman, Director of, says: “I can’t believe that at a time when mobile phone theft and loss are at an all time high, people would fail to protect their handsets with a PIN code or password.

While people do worry about losing their mobile phones or having them stolen on an inconvenience level, the loss of the handset raises more of a concern for those suddenly finding themselves victims of fraud and ID theft due to the amount of personal data that can be held on a mobile device.

With banking apps, social media accounts and more that are readily signed in and the personal information found in email inboxes, not password protecting your phone can make you incredibly vulnerable if it ends up in the wrong hands.

For what it could cost you if your mobile was stolen or lost, it’s worth taking the time to activate the password protection today to give you peace of mind and protection of your personal data.