Last year, coffee lovers in the UK spent nearly £3billion on trendy brews1, with the figure predicted to grow 26% by 2020. Beautiful beverages are loved by all in the millennial age; the taste, the colours, and most of all- they are a great conversation starter. Following coffee trends could be a great revenue booster for your business- locals will be excited at the prospect of having colourful frappes on their doorstep!

Fantasy Frappes

Draw inspiration from: Starbucks US’s Unicorn Frappuccino, Starbucks Newsroom

Big coffee chains have been whipping up frappes for decades, remember the humble chocolate and strawberry ones? But now they are being injected with mythical creatures for a real Instagram effect, making the presentation more desired than the taste. Reminiscent of a sherbet-dipped Mr Whippy, these are elusive but well sought after in the UK, especially since the debut of Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino. Word of warning: only put the most energetic members of staff on the frappe station!

Toolkit: The Sun came up with a brilliant UK-friendly version of the Unicorn Frappuccino2. It contains: cream, ice etc. (base frappe recipe), vanilla flavouring, coconut milk, white mocha syrup, vanilla syrup, and strawberry syrup.

Floral Lattes

Draw inspiration from: Kale & Chocolate, Lavender Tea Latte

Whipped up by bloggers and readily available in the US and Canada, the lavender latte has finally met England. Sweet, calming and appealing to all ages, this flowery drink is a more subtle way of jazzing up your menu. Turmeric and rose are favourable alternatives, mainly for their added health benefits. While lavender is able to relieve nervous tension, turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities. Get ready for some seriously chilled out customers!

Toolkit: We love Fox and Briar’s tips on how to make a lovely latte3. Microwave milk for 30 seconds in a microwave-safe tub, shake until the milk foams. Add two tablespoons of lavender syrup into a mug, layer with hot coffee and top with your foam.

Creativity in a Cup

Draw inspiration from: Coffee in a cone,

In 2017, coffee is either striving to be extremely healthy or something you wouldn’t dare check against NHS’s daily recommended intakes. It’s increasingly important to cater for both customer types otherwise you will risk falling short to competitors! One of the latest millennial trends is to serve coffee is anything but an actual coffee cup, so get creative and expect those social mentions to roll on in. Last year, a South African coffee house launched coffee in a cone which remains intact for 3 minutes. Long enough to take a decent photo, then?

US Inspired Brews

Draw inspiration from: Traditional iced coffee, Washington Post

An old favourite, the cold brew has finally made it onto mainstream coffee shop menus. It’s similar to iced coffee (as in, it’s served cold), but the coffee is soaked in room temperature water for 12-24 hours to create a velvety taste. This is the perfect addition to your low-calorie drinks options, especially if you’ve got the time and resources to make it with love! If you want to be really trendy, you could try selling a `nitro cold brew`, which has been dubbed `The Guinness of the coffee world`.

Toolkit: Load a glass jar with coffee grounds; add room temperature water and cover. Leave the coffee to steep for up to 24 hours before straining with a sieve. Serve over ice in pretty mason jars.

Milk Alternatives

Offering soya or nut-based milks instead of moo milk is a given in this era! Why not shake it up a bit, by stocking oat, cashew or hazelnut milk instead of your standard soya and almond? You could also trial a `bulletproof coffee` recipe, which takes advantage of butter instead of milk.

Just Arrived

Created by a barista in Melbourne, the `Avolatte` has just popped up on the coffee radar- and it was never meant to be a thing. Its creator describes the concept as “Literally coffee in a piece of rubbish”, and many would agree. But when two fads come together, they are bound to boom…


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