Inventory listing, do your rental properties have one?

An inventory is a lot more than just a list of items that belong to you as the landlord.

The purpose of an inventory is to make sure that everything within your rental property, whether it is furnished or unfurnished, is in a satisfactory condition before and after a tenancy.

Details can be recorded and photographed of the condition before a new tenant moves into the property and then at the end of the tenancy.

The checking in procedure will take place with you as the landlord and tenant, with agreement signatures on the documentation once you are both happy.  At the end of the tenancy this process will be repeated.

If on checking out and damage has been noted/caused to any items, you will need then to consider either a liability issue or if it is going to be a maintenance wear and tear issue.

The inventory listing is able to help you with your decision and this document becomes the most critical document in terms of managing a property and looking after your rental property as an asset.