Is your Facebook Business Page branded?

If you have a Facebook business page and you have not branded it to your business profile grab it whilst you can before someone else does.

Branding is not a hard task for large brands who can prove their ownership of a business but for a small business this can often be a very different scenario.

Proving you are the business owner of a brand can be a long and time consuming process with Facebook, especially if someone has your business page name already.

So why do you need to brand your Facebook page?

This will make promoting and marketing your business a lot easier with a recognisable URL for Facebook links rather showing the originally facebook URL full of numbers and letters.

Giving unique standout in your marketing for your business will help to increase interaction by allowing your customers to find you more easily.

For example, The Insurance Octopus URL for Facebook is Compared to our original URL that was issued when first created our Facebook profile for business – which was something along the lines of – our new version looks much better on marketing promotion.

So how do I update my business profile?

By following the below simple steps will give your Facebook URL a completely new look .

  1. Go to your Admin Panel
  2. Click on Edit Page on the top right side of your page
  3. Click on Update Page Info
  4. Look for Page Address which is on the second line and click on edit
  5. Click on change web address
  6. Enter your business name
  7. Check availability and save

You should now see your business profile URL updated.

A guide for creating a web address

When you have decide on a Facebook business profile or any social network address aim for consistency with your business profile name as much as you can.

For example, if your business name is Toms Coffee Shop but your website is then consider using TomsCoffee as the distinctive part of any social network addresses.

For the distinctive part of your address limit to 15 characters. For some networks like Twitter this is the maximum number of characters you can use.

It’s also worth thinking about the title display which is the distinctive part of your Facebook address; for example stands out more, online and in print, than

As Facebook continues to make updates to their administrative areas, the process might be a little different  should you be reading this blog posting some time after the original date of posting.  However, the chances that the process will not have changed too much that it is easy to figure out.

In some cases Facebook does also ask you to select a unique Facebook address when you are creating your initial page, so with that in mind refer to the little tips for creating a website address.

One final point to remember, Facebook currently allows you to change your unique address only twice and after that you are currently unable to change again.

Do you have consistency with your social media addresses?  Or did you have problems that you are still trying to sort out to get the consistency you want.  Let us know you thoughts.