Do you have an unoccupied property…

If you are an owner of an unoccupied commercial property or unoccupied pub you are at risk from a rise in squatters targeting these buildings.  New laws introduced in September 2012 made it a criminal offence to squat within a residential property. Now more than ever you will need to check that you are not put at risk and that you are covered with commercial property insurance or landlord insurance to secure your unoccupied premises should you ever have be broken into.

There has been a 100% rise in squatting within commercial buildings with pubs being a prime target.  Charles Russell law firm have commented ‘we have seen a rise in commercial building squatting since the 1st October 2012.  A prime target is a building that has living accommodation such as a pub.  With the retail selling marketing as it is, currently pubs are an ideal target for squatters’.

There are ways to protect your building whilst being unoccupied –

  • Make regular visits to your property and check all windows and doors are secure and there are no signs of any damage.
  • Are your alarm systems in working order? if not see about getting them fixed or this could invalidate your business insurance policy, if it is a requirement of your policy.
  • Look at the costs of installing CCTV as this could prove there was a forced entry from squatters or a burglar to your property if it happens. By having a recording, hopefully,  it will then be an inclusion of criminal damage.
  • Security firms can also look after your property, but again this can be costly but would also be worth while to protect you against squatters or even just a break in.

Keep your unoccupied properties safe and insure them against all risks, contact The Business Octopus for a competitive and tailored quotation today.