Know your rebuild cost for an accurate Landlords Insurance Quote

To ensure you get the most accurate landlords insurance quote, and not just the cheapest landlords insurance quote, you need to make sure you have the correct re-instatement cost for your building and not just the current market value.

We speak to hundreds of landlords each month and it’s not an uncommon mistake for some landlords, when looking for a cheap landlords insurance quote, to just use the price they purchased their property for, the price they think they could sell it for or a rough figure they estimate themselves. However to get an accurate quotation you really need the correct value as this can have a significant impact on the landlord insurance quote you receive.

To help you with this, the Association of British Insurers provide a simple calculator tool that can help provide you with the correct re-instatement value for any property in the United Kingdom.

The figures can be used to then calculate your landlord building insurance allowing you to make an accurate assessment of the cover available and the premiums offered by each insurer. Taking the time to do this properly at quotation stage should ensure you then have the right landlord property insurance in place should you ever need ot make a claim

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