Labeling of Organic Beauty Products

Did you know there are two types of organic beauty products labelling?  The Soil Association Certification team will check all product ingredients and labels prior to launching.  Products that are then certified by Soil Association can display the logo trust symbol.

A product that is over 95% organic

The Soil Association certification check state that a product can only be called ‘organic’ in the product name where 95% of the ingredients (excluding water) are organic.

A product that is 70%-95% organic

The Soil Association certification check state that some products do require higher quantities of preservatives that reduces their organic content.  As long as at least 70% of the ingredients (excluding water) are ‘organic’, they can be certified with the Soil Association.  The word organic cannot be included in the product name, and must state the percentage of organic ingredients in the product description

The ingredients of the product must be shown in descending order of weight.  They must also be written in the format of INCI – international Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients.  INCI is a system, of names for waxes, oils, pigments, chemicals, and other ingredients of beauty products.  The names used need to scientific names and other Latin and English words.  The ingredients common name may also be added in brackets.

There are many organic beauty brands available in shops around the UK and online – look out for the Soil Association symbol on packaging to ensure you are buying a genuine certified product.