Landlord Home Emergency Solutions

Landlord Home Emergency Solutions cover can be bought alongside your Landlord Business insurance policy.  The policy will provide solutions to respond to the emergencies should they arise.

What is Property Emergency Insurance?

Your rental property could be affected by an emergency, which damages or threatens to damage the property making it unsafe or insecure for your tenants to  live in or cut off essential services.  The cover is available 365 days a year 24 hours a day for contractor call-out charge, labour, parts and materials and alternative accommodation for your tenants up to £250.  The maximum payable per claim is £1000.

Emergency covers are for:

Breakdown of the main heating system which results in the total failure or breakdown of the main heating system in the property.

Plumbing and drainage problems which is a sudden damage, blockage, break or flooding of the drains or plumbing system likely to cause damage to the property or its contents.

Damage to or failure of your property’s security including locks on windows damage or failure of external door which compromises the security.

Breakage or failure of your property’s sole toilet unit which results in a loss of function providing there is no other toilet within the property.

Loss of the domestic  power supply which is the electricity or gas supply

Loss of the only available keys if you cannot replace them to gain access to the property

Vermin infestation that causes damage inside the property or pose a health risk to your tenants

Alternative accommodation costs for tenants which includes transport to such accommodation following a property emergency which renders the property uninhabitable.

How do I buy Property Emergency Insurance?

There are various options available to obtain a quotation and purchase your business insurance.

We look and compare your Landlord business insurance quotes from up to 20 UK insurance providers.

Purchasing your insurance is easy with flexible payment options which can be discussed with your insurance specialist or with our new business team. You will receive same day immediate cover and your documents will be sent to you via email.

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