Landlord Lettings News

Report analysis is now available from some of the UK’s largest lettings agencies showing that landlord lettings continue to achieve good returns on buy-to-let investments with yields remaining strong. The greatest yields are still being achieved in Wales at 6.6%, Midlands at 6.5% and North at 6.4%.

Two and three bedroom rental properties saw an increase in average monthly rents in August, up 0.6% and 0.9% respectively. One and four-plus bedroom properties saw a decrease in average monthly rents in August down 0.1% and 1.6% respectively.  There was a year-on-year increase in average monthly rents for all sizes of properties apart from four plus bedroom properties which decreased 6.4%.

Rent arrears have continued to increased year-on-year in all regions.  In terms of property sizes the level of rent arrears increased for all sized properties, with two bedroom properties seeing the greatest increase, up 1.4%.

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