Landlord Property Insurance Premiums Could Benefit from Increased Flood Warnings

There is to be an increase in the availability of early flood warnings across the UK.  This could help to limit the rising costs of landlord property insurance.

Flood Claims

The risks of flooding are increasing year-on-year.  This has now become a more common threat for domestic and commercial insurers across the country.  Flooding can cause extensive damage to properties and businesses and this can translate into some expensive claims for insurance companies.  This in turn can push landlord property insurance premiums up.

It has been shown that the severity of flood damage can be mitigated with the proper advanced warnings.  This enables homeowners and businesses to take evasive action such as moving belongings to higher levels and putting sandbags out to block flood water.

Early Flood Warning

The Environment Agency (EA) recently launched a new flood warning system.  This will aim to double the number of domestic and commercial properties in vulnerable areas that can receive free early flood warnings.  This will provide those in vulnerable at-risk areas with a chance to take action to limit flood damage to their homes and business premises.

This new system will ensure that 500,000 properties at risk from in-land and coastal flooding will receive fast flood warnings.

Landlord Property Insurance

It is essential that you take steps to protect your financial assets from risks.  One key backup is landlord property insurance.  This will help you to cover your rental properties against a number of potential threats including extreme flooding.

  • Landlord property insurance is available for all types of rental situations from multiple occupancy flats to shared student houses.
  • You will be able to shop around and choose the right landlord property insurance for your individual business need.
  • Make sure you get the cover you need to protect your income and assets.
  • This can include cover for natural threats (fire, flood, storm damage etc) and also from malicious damage caused by tenants and visitors to your properties.

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