Landlords Insurance Can Protect Occupied And Unoccupied Properties

Property rental can be a profitable venture, especially for those landlords that have a decent portfolio of flats, houses, and even commercial property. However, it is critical that the landlord does everything possible to protect their biggest asset.

Whether a property currently has tenants or not, it still needs protecting from certain threats and this is where landlords’ insurance can prove especially valuable.

Protection against both intentional and accidental disasters

Landlords insurance can protect against everything from fire and flood to burst pipes and criminal damage. It is an unfortunate fact that rental properties are usually subjected to worse treatment than they would be if they were owned by their tenants.

This means that tenants will not usually maintain the property to the best standard; disgruntled former tenants may intentionally cause criminal damage once they have left. A simple Landlord insurance policy that’s right for your needs can protect against these and many other eventualities.

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