Landlords keep your Investments Safe

Home owners that are unable to extend upwards and outwards and now turning their property developments downwards to develop their basements and cellars.

A basement development in a buy to let property investment is now fast becoming a handy place to store bikes or the household ‘bits and pieces’ you don’t want on display.

But they also risk being neglected, forgotten or unmaintained part of the house which could result in a claim being made against you as a landlord if the ceiling falls in on tenants or anything else goes wrong.

For properties that have a basement or cellar areas, landlords do need to be keeping the areas maintained.

Making sure there is lighting and making sure they are structurally sound are the key steps.  Tenants will almost certainly want to use basements and cellars for storage even if there is low head space which prevents it from being used a living space.

Landlord reputation is all about ensuring you’re a responsible landlord who maintains all areas of their properties.  This will make both current and past tenants more likely to recommend you to others.