Landlords Need To Do More To Be Green

According to the Association of Rental Letting Agents (ARLA), few landlords are doing enough to meet green requirements for their property.

In fact, 51% of landlords hadn’t even heard of the Green Deal while 33% admitted to not knowing the energy rating of their properties.

ARLA has also called on landlords to take advantage of the current situation before falling foul of future changes.

The Landlords Energy Saving Allowance, also called LESA, does aim to provide landlords with financial incentives in order to increase their environmental efforts.

Tax allowances of up to £1,500 per annum can be claimed by those landlords that have installed loft insulation and other energy initiatives.

What’s more, at a time when tenants are struggling financially to be able to pay increasing energy bills, reduced energy costs could help sell the benefits of a rental property.