Latest Land Registry Figures

The Land Registry has now released their most recent figures on house sales in England and Wales which are now indicating the market is well below the peak that was reached in November 2007.

However the figures that have been released from ONS suggest that UK house prices are now close to the recorded level of January 2008.  At that time UK house price index stood at 185.5.  In July of this year the figure had moved up to 185.0.

London +9.7%

South East +2.6%

East Midlands +2.4%

South West +2.1%

West Midlands +2.0%

Northern Ireland +1.8%

Eastern England +1.4%

Yorks and Humber +0.5%

North West -0.7%

Wales -0.7%

North East -1.3%

Scotland -2.0%

Source: ONS price rise July 2013 v. July 2012