Makeup Artist Insurance – Essential Checklist

If you’re thinking of going into business for yourself as a makeup artist, it’s important to get properly insured before beginning work. Whether you’re freshly qualified out of college and eager to put your skills to good use or have been employed by somebody else and are finally taking the exciting plunge into the lucrative freelance beauty industry, The Insurance Octopus has put together this essential checklist so you’ll know exactly what important elements your makeup artist insurance policy should include.


Tools and equipment cover


As a makeup artist, your collection of tools and equipment form a vital part of your business. Without them you simply wouldn’t be able to carry out your job. This is why it’s well worth having specialised cover to protect these important items. So if anything is stolen or damaged, it’s possible to arrange for them to be fixed or replaced without suffering a huge unanticipated dent in your finances. Especially as mobile makeup artists move around a lot to cover various events and meet different clients, you can never truly predict what kind of environment you’ll be working in. So having peace of mind that the equipment you carry with you is protected provides priceless added confidence when going about your work.


Public liability insurance


While safety precautions can be taken such as carrying out patch tests on new clients, it’s not possible to completely eradicate the risk that somebody could have an adverse allergic reaction to something you’ve used or trip over a piece of equipment left lying around and suffer a serious injury. Even as a skilled professional, you’re only human and mistakes or freak accidents do happen. If an injured client decides to place a legal claim against you for compensation, this is where your public liability insurance would kick-in to protect you from the potentially huge financial costs of handling such a claim. If you offer specialised makeup services, you might need to extend this basic cover with a treatment risks add-on tailored to potential hazards associated with particular offerings.


Personal accident cover


Being injured in an accident and not being able to run your business for a while is a nightmare prospect for the self-employed – especially if there’s nobody else available to provide cover. However, having personal injury insurance included in your makeup artist insurance package means you’ll have financial support to keep you going until you’re well enough to return to work. This kind of protection can be extended if you wish with business interruption insurance that will compensate you for any trade losses suffered during a period of poor health or as a result of other unforeseen circumstances.


Buildings and contents cover


Will your makeup artistry business have a base? If you’re setting up a shop or office to run your venture from, you’ll need to ensure the premises along with all of the fittings, fixtures and equipment contained within it are covered with buildings and contents insurance. This element covers you for unforeseen circumstances leading to structure damage or items being stolen such as freak weather, burglaries and vandalism. If you plan on keeping cash and stock stored on site, this is likely to require insurance protection from a separate add-on.


Employers’ liability insurance


If you’re planning on hiring some help for your beauty business, you’re required by law to have employers’ liability cover in place as part of your business insurance package. This applies to any business with one or more employees.



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