Marketing Professionals: Five Ways to Stand Out and Succeed Today

According to a survey by recruitment consultants Glassdoor, being a Marketing Manager is the top role to have in the UK today. In terms of salary potential, opportunities for growth and the number of jobs available, this is a great industry to get into without a doubt.

While getting your foot in the door is one thing, what does it take to stand out from the crowd and be regarded as the cream of the crop in endless fields of marketers? Read these tips from The Insurance Octopus for some inspiration…

1. Keep abreast of the ever-changing digital landscape

While the traditional elements of marketing for businesses will always form a solid foundation, marketing managers and consultants need to be adaptable in order to effectively navigate the constantly changing sales landscape. In this respect, being digital savvy is an absolutely essential part of the job.

From pay per click advertising and sales emails to blogs, social media and SEO, any strong marketer must know how to take advantage of the rich marketing opportunities available online in order to reach the right audiences and maximise sales.

2. Protect your reputation and livelihood

A successful marketer has most likely worked for many years or even decades to reach the position of being able to launch their own marketing company or set up as a sole marketing consultant. While earning a dazzling reputation and the great salary to match takes an incredible amount of time and dedication, just one mistake has the potential to ruin everything.

A misunderstanding with a client or an innocent mistake could result in you being sued for the likes of breach of contract, professional negligence, defamation or loss of data. Even if a claim is completely unfounded, you’ll still need insurance to cover the legal costs of getting it quashed as well as dealing with any loss of trade throughout the proceedings. Similarly, if you’re aware you made a terrible mistake that resulted in a client losing money, you’ll want to try and settle out of court to avoid reputation-damaging public scrutiny.

This is where Professional Indemnity cover as part of a top-quality marketing insurance plan comes into play. Whether you’re injured and unable to work for a while, have an ongoing client dispute to deal with, your computer equipment is stolen during an office burglary or you fail to meet your contractual obligations for whatever reason, this insurance package kicks in when you need it the most.

3. Embrace the value of storytelling

As any professional copywriter will tell you, the best way to captivate potential clients is with storytelling that’s designed to stimulate an emotional response. Blatant sales copy becomes tiring and predictable after a while and in order to catch somebody’s attention, you need to appeal to their wants and needs in a way that’s personable and organic rather than following a soulless in-your-face approach.

Marketing professionals with an inherent understanding of how content marketing and the art of storytelling can subtly but potently be used to sell have a better chance of success than those taking the often too transparent and untrustworthy hard sell angle. From product copy and branded blogs through to brochures, packaging and point of sale materials, the focus should be on creating a story around a brand that people can connect with and that communicates the unique selling points effectively. Having an eye for design is also vital in imagining the overall creative vision for a campaign.

4. Pick a niche and become an expert in your field

Rather than being a little fish in a big ocean, why not become a big fish in a lake? There’s much to be said about the benefits of working within a niche. From fashion to finance, becoming a marketing expert in a sector that you’re particularly passionate about means you have a ready-made pool of clients to target.

You can really delve deep into the specific markets as oppose to having to learn about new ones from scratch. Plus, businesses can certainly appreciate the value of hiring a marketer with a real understanding of their industry.

5. Don’t forget to market yourself

You spend your days marketing for other businesses, but it’s also important to sell your own business at every given opportunity.  Even when you’re busy with back-to-back contracts, there will always be those times when a job falls through or a contract ends early and you’ll wish you’d stepped up your efforts to develop more possible leads.

Use any quiet spells to write a marketing blog, spruce up your professional website, update social media channels and send out emails to potential clients. If you really are too busy, there’s also the option of hiring people to take care of your online presence for you. Another great way of marketing yourself is attending local networking events and becoming a recognised face in the business community. Building relationships is a key factor in your ongoing success.

Do you have any more tips on how to stand out in the world of marketing? Let us know your thoughts over @TheInsuranceOct!