If you’re seeking a bespoke office insurance policy tailored to your specific business needs, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. No matter what precautions are taken, the work environment is filled with many potential hazards.

This is why it’s so important to prepare for those inevitable occasions when something goes wrong.

What if a member of the public or an employee is injured on site and decides to take legal action? What if your office is burgled and all of the expensive equipment is stolen? What if a freak storm causes flooding and structural damage resulting in the premises being out of action for weeks or even months?

It’s these ‘what ifs’ that can and often do become a reality.

Getting the right insurance for your office

To ensure you get the best small business insurance for your office, experts at The Insurance Octopus will compare cover offered by a variety of different providers.

Here are the core elements that form the foundation of any solid commercial office insurance plan:

Public liability insurance – An absolute essential, especially if members of the public have access to your office, this will protect you against claims made by persons suffering injury, illness or damages as a direct result of your business.

Employers’ liability insuranceIf an employee has a work-related injury or illness, this covers the financial implications of dealing with any claims made against you.

Building insurance –There are many reasons why your office premises could be damaged—theft, flooding and fire to name just a few. This covers the costs caused by such events.

Business interruption cover – Unforeseen circumstances resulting in emergency repairs needing to be carried out can lead to a huge financial drain and even ruin. Having this cover compensates for any losses suffered while your office is out of action.

Contents cover – Should anything be stolen or damaged, this covers the cost of repairing or replacing all of the equipment, fixtures and fittings in your office.

If you’re preparing to open an office or require a new bespoke business insurance plan, get in touch now for further information or to receive a quote.