For many small business owners working from home is the obvious choice – especially when starting off. And for many it’s the right choice.

Perhaps you’ve been able to borrow space from a friendly, local business. Perhaps you decamp to a coffee shop.

And why not? Studies show the typical level of background noise in a cafe is perfect for productivity – not so great for serious conversations with clients though. Plus WIFI speeds can vary greatly and power points are pretty much vital, and unless you’re in a tailor-made hipster coffee shop you’ll be limited to two or three in the entire place.

But changing locations can be one of the best moves for increasing creativity and inspiration. There’s nothing like a change of scene to spark new ideas.

Of course, working from home has it’s advantages. A short commute, a comfortable setting, free lunch, tea and coffee. But there’s the distraction (and excuse) of housework. It’s easy to forget to leave the house. There’s no one to celebrate or commiserate with, banter is considerably reduced, noisy neighbours can become unbearable, and worse and most dangerous of all: the line between work and life becomes irrevocably blurred.

So, what is a business owner to do?

Suffer the distractions of home? Martyr the frustrations and expense of coffee shops? Or succumb to an interesting new trend in co-working space?

Affordable and flexible, co-working or collaborative working spaces are popping up all over the country.

Increasingly stylish, flexible and affordable, co-working spaces come with a host of benefits. Many include a postal address, mailbox, unlimited superfast WiFi, access to printing facilities, designated or bookable desk space, ergonomic chairs, chill out areas, tea, coffee, snacks and sometimes even breakfast!

The convenience of a city-centre location coupled with the resounding benefits of community make co-working space a great option if you miss interacting with colleagues. Advice, banter, sounding boards, collaboration and business opportunities make the ready-made co-working communities highly attractive.

Co-working space also comes with a built-in level of insurance. Whoever is providing the space will be responsible for public liability and for covering the equipment they provide and the building. But that’s not to say you don’t need it.

Even if you are working from home, your home insurance will not always cover things like stock and liability cover. If you base yourself from a co-working space, do you have the insurance you need to cover risks, damage to property in transit, not to mention your own professional indemnity?

The Insurance Octopus recommends you review your existing policies or ensure new insurance policies provide a relevant level of protection for you, your business and your surroundings.

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