Olympic Marketing Ban Lifted for Tradesman and Contractors

January 2013 sees the lifting of the marketing ban for tradesman and contractors that were involved in some way of the construction of the London 2012 Olympics.  The up lift of the ban will now allow firms that were involved to promote this when bidding for new work tenders.

Construction companies will need to apply for a license under a new supplier recognition scheme, which will let them use their work examples in international tendering, display at trade shows and enter into award schemes.  Before the lifting of the ban, tradesman and contractors were unable to display any form of work they had been involved with that formed part of the construction of the Olympics.  Strict marketing rules had been put in place purely to protect the London 2012 sponsors’ investments.

The ‘deal’ has been made with the Government, British Olympic Association and International Olympic Committee.  Relaxing the restrictions was recommended by the Olympic Delivery Authority report that had been completed by the chairperson Sir John Armitts in July 2012.

The new deal is welcome by many tradesman and contractors, which will benefit construction companies across the UK and overseas.  Companies will now be able to apply to the BOA for a free license from 27th January 2012.  The license will then allow companies to show their work that was completed within the building of London 2012, albeit that some construction works were finished over 2 years ago.  The license will also give companies exclusive access to the ODA’s library of more than 4,000 photographs from the project, again enabling the marketing of the company’s involvement.

With the lifting of the marketing ban tradesman and contractors are now in a position to tender for more contractors be it in the UK or overseas contracts.  Sao Paulo in Brazil are currently looking at UK tradesman, contractor, construction workers to help with the building projects that include the construction and maintenance of three subway lines, a monorail, an intercity train network, three prisons and four new hospitals.  It is estimated that that this amounts to be worth $20bn to British tradesman.

As Sao Paulo prepares to host the world cup in 2014 there are some excellent construction projects waiting to get underway.  Trade and Investment Minister Lord Green said “our construction industry sector is one of the worlds biggest and best, and UK companies are ideally placed to capitalise on these excellent opportunities”.

Our UK contractors showed the world what they could do when construction the London 2012 Olympics, and we are now witnessing regenerations of East London with excellent facilities and new recreation areas being developed.

Did you as a tradesman work on the London 2012 Olympic building projects around the UK.  Where did you work? What work did you do?  Tell us about your experience of the London 2012 building.