Online Customer Experience Trends for 2017

When news broke this week that Joe Browns is opening a first flagship in Sheffield Meadowhall, the retailer in us rejoiced! Is it true that a bricks-and-mortar store can exist in today’s online heavy climate? This year’s trends look to accelerate customer experience in a way that will complement our in-store strategies. Hurrah!

Personalised shopping

According to Smart Insights ¹, using direct input from your customers can be extremely effective in creating a personalised retail experience. Many brands, especially those selling clothes and makeup, are now able to hand-pick next purchases by analysing customer behaviours. This can be made easy through the installation of a Chatbot, of which customers can `chat` to until they reach a conclusion on the product they would like to purchase. This means fans of your brand will only be shown products they are interested in, giving them a reason to stick by an outlet that knows them best.

Try before you buy

Online retailer Amazon has just launched an initiative called `Prime Wardrobe`, where you can try clothes on before actually paying for them. This might be revolutionary for the way customers shop for clothes online, largely because its free shipping policy removes the cost of sending unwanted products back and forth. According to The Verge, the `try before you buy` service is Amazon’s latest attempt to grow its retail footprint, and we can see how it will glorify them as the most popular e-tailer in town.

Click and Collect

Click and Collect is the third most popular digital service in the UK ², largely because it eases the graft behind shopping online. Shoppers love the flexibility that comes with the service (ever waited over a week for a new release because you can’t collect during work hours?), and retailers are happy to provide a simplified customer journey ². Although it’s not a brand new concept, Click and Collect is set to rise this year.

The fall of “showrooming”

Amazon was recently granted a patent to prevent brick-and-mortar retailers from leveraging technology in their stores to stop shoppers from comparing prices online ³. This is decidedly bad for customer experience but good news for traditional stores, as customers will find it more difficult to browse items in-store before purchasing them at a lower cost online.

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³ Tech Crunch, Amazon, now a physical retailer too, is granted an anti-showrooming patent, June 2017