Online retail shopping boom

Christmas day of 2012 saw retail websites peak at 174 million visits up 86% from 2011 according to data from Experian.  Christmas day was also the start of many retailers starting their sales, which could attribute to the number of surfers attracted to the internet to find a bargain!

Chris Thomas, CEO and founder of shoe retailer says that Christmas Day itself and Boxing Day broke all records in terms of visitor numbers and sales, as people took advantage of aggressive discounting available across all big brand names.

In a previous blog posting – we are a nation of internet trading and shoppers – we noted that hand held devices, tablets etc were a big driver for online shopping sales, and visitor interaction with retail sites.  Some sites are now beginning to see as much as 1000% increase in comparison to last year’s figures.

Consumers are checking constantly, looking for a sale bargain and are checking offers and prices and making purchases whilst on the go. Consumers are adapting to change as shops were once a traditional high street store and whilst we continue to use our high street presence we also move to shopping online, reflecting the changing conditions of retail.

Can shops survive on the high street or will the internet take over?

Are you an owner of a retail business and do you have a website to work along side your business?  Which works better for you, your retail high street shop or your internet site?

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