Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

When you offer services and consultancy to clients, you do so on the understanding that your advice and your work will benefit the client and not cost them money. If your actions or your work leads to unforseen errors or costs, clients may take legal action, potentially costing you many thousands of pounds in compensation and in accrued costs. A professional indemnity insurance quote can provide you with the protection you need against such eventualities.

The proliferation of no win no fee solicitor services means that more and more people are inclined to pursue legal recourse and even if you are confident of winning the case and ultimately, the court finds in your favour, the case can still end up costing you a considerable amount of money and even your reputation.

A professional indemnity insurance quote is a great way to help protect against this type of legal action and to offer your business another layer of protection. You will be covered for breaches of contract, too, which include accidental breaches such as an unintentional breach of confidentiality.

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