Professionals: 7 Free Apps to Streamline Your Day

The life of professionals is go, go, go. There’s always so much to do. You cram as much as possible into your day and still can’t get everything done. But how much time are you wasting? How many day-to-day tasks are taking twice as long as they should? How much time could you save if you just found a better way of dealing with it all?

The trick is to streamline everything, making the nitty gritty tasks of professional life a breeze. But there is a general perception that getting yourself organised and having all the best apps is a costly business. You may be unwilling or unable to part with your hard-earned cash for the sake of saving yourself a bit of time.

The good news is, there are many easy-peasy and totally free apps available to boost your productivity and really help you out, without putting a dent in your bank balance. Here are seven free apps to streamline your day…

1. The task master: Asana

You need to know exactly what you’re dealing with. What tasks and projects do you have on? When do they need completing by? Who is responsible for each element and when does every aspect of your workflow need finishing by?

Think of Asana as the mother of all to-do lists. It’s a simple calendar setup that allows you to add projects, populate them with tasks and then assign each and every task to the relevant team member. Colour code your projects, jobs and the people doing them. Set the date and time they need completing by and make it clear whether they are one-offs or repeating tasks.

Everything appears in a handy calendar, with tasks listed by time on their due date.

And the best part? Every time you tick off a task you earn brownie points. Tick off enough and you’ll be treated to a unicorn, or other magical creature, flying across your screen.

2. The graphic designer: Canva

If you’re designing your own graphics the process can be time-consuming, fiddly and thankless. Canva makes graphic design effortless and simple. Choose from an abundance of handy templates pre-sized for essentials like social media graphics, advertising media, presentations and more. Upload your own images or choose from Canva’s extensive catalogue. Fonts, colours, filters and loads of extra features make short work of branding.

It’s the quick and easy solution to graphic design you’ve been craving.

3. The social media manager: Hootsuite

Put a stop to those endless hours faffing around on social media. With Hootsuite you can schedule all your social media messages for Facebook, Twitter, and more, in a few easy clicks.

4. The backup system: Dropbox

Looking for a fast, easy and free way to backup your essential files? Dropbox is the answer. While they do charge for more storage space, the free version offers a generous amount of space in which to save your files.

5. The file sharer: WeTransfer

Need to send files and documents via email? Images and other large files are frequently too big for emails to handle. WeTransfer offers a fast, efficient and secure way to transfer files of any size with nothing more than the recipient’s email address and a few clicks of the mouse.

6. The digital notebook: Evernote

How often do you have a great idea, but nothing to write it down on? You find a scrap of paper, scribble it down, only to forget all about it until you find the ruined remnants in your pocket when you take your jeans out of the wash.

When you’re stuck waiting in line for lunch, at the bus stop, or on long train journeys, Evernote is your constant companion, easily added to your phone, iPad and any other device. It enables you to quickly and easily make notes on the go, storing them in a safe place you can access from anywhere and won’t accidentally put through the washing machine!

7. The accountant: GnuCash

Simplicity itself, GnuCash is the best piece of free accounting software on the market. Perfect for a small business, entrepreneurs and anyone who needs to keep their accounts in order, it handles invoices, accounts payable/receivable, credit notes, employee expenses and even some of your payroll, all on one handy app that is compatible with numerous currencies, accounts and cards.

Add these epic apps to your arsenal today and watch them make your life easier, save you time and propel you down the path to success…


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