Protect Your Business Premises with Landlords Insurance

Criminal damage and vandalism can result in extremely costly damage being done to your business premises. If the building becomes dangerous to use then you may also experience lost revenue. With good quality commercial insurance you can protect against such eventualities.

Does your Landlords Insurance Policy cover you against criminal damage?

Your business premises are vitally important to the success of your company and its performance.

Whether you use it simply to store equipment and tools or your business premises serve as a shop or commercial premises you will lose money every hour that your premises are out of use. The amount of money that you lose will be determined by a number of factors:

  • Repairs on the premises can cost a lot of money.
  • Structural repairs may require weeks or even months of work to ensure they are back to being safe and usable.
  • Combine this with the potential loss of equipment or stock and the money that you lose while you are unable to use your premises and such damage can prove enough to seriously cripple a company.

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