Your pub is unique, and that’s what makes it so great. But it’s never a bad idea to get some insight from your customers on how to move the business forward and find new ways to make it even better. With the British high street constantly changing, it’s become increasingly important for pubs and landlords to engage with their customers and adapt to attract new markets. At Insurance Octopus, we are passionate about helping small businesses, which is why we’ve put together a guide to getting great, practical feedback that you can use to make your pub more successful.

Chat to your regulars

One of the great thing about pubs is the social side, you probably have regulars you know better than some of your family members and know what day which customers will be popping in after work. This is also a unique opportunity to get insight and feedback on your business, direct from the people who love it. Get a notebook especially for feedback and ideas and when your pub’s quiet and there are a few regulars in, sit down with them and ask them what they think. Think about areas of your pub you want to improve, like the special offers or the food options and see what they think. You could even throw in a free pint to sweeten the deal. Building these relationships and making your regulars feel invested in the business and that their feedback is appreciated is great for your pub.

Make space for suggestions

Making sure there is a space for suggestions and feedback in your pub is a great way to get constant input. Whether it’s a blackboard with some chalk, feedback cards on the table or a ‘what would make my pub better?’ question at the end of the pub quiz, get creative. Having a physical space for your customers to give you feedback is easy and won’t cost you much so it’s a great way to start getting some feedback.

Online tools

If you’re looking for more in-depth feedback then there are some brilliant online tools you can use to gather feedback and insight for your pub. There are easy free tools, like Survey Monkey, you can use to create a survey with various options for feedback. This might be good if you’re looking at introducing new products, want to change the options or want to understand what’s important to your customers. Share the link to your survey on your social media accounts and print off little cards with the link so your customers can take it home and do it online. Make sure there’s an incentive to filling it out, whether it’s 10% off their tab or a competition to win a meal. You can also use online survey tools to see useful information about your demographic and what you could do to increase their spend or attract new markets.

Talk to your team

Your staff are one of your greatest assets, and they may have noticed things that you haven’t. At staff meetings make sure you ask if there’s any feedback or recurring problems they come across. These are probably really easy to implement and can really improve your customers’ experience. Whether it’s constant requests for vegan options or a certain ale you have introduced is always running out, these insights are great for incorporating into your business.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to start getting some feedback from your customers so you can use it to grow and develop your pub. If you need any kind of business insurance for your pub, such as landlord insurance or public indemnity insurance, make sure you get a quote with our simple quote finder and see how we can help you.