Retail Growth Drops But Beats Eurozone Expectations

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Although figures reportedly beat the predictions of market analysts, Eurostat has offered some gloomy news for those retail sectors that are within the Eurozone.

Sales actually rose 0.1% despite predictions that the figure would remain flat, however, annual figures fell 1.2% and a further 123,000 people found themselves unemployed in June compared to May. This represents 11.2% of the working population of the Eurozone and is the highest level of unemployment since the country’s currencies were unified.

The economic crisis in the Eurozone has seemingly continued to worsen and while the retail index can prove a difficult pointer to follow it does, at least, give some indication of sentiment within the markets.Ireland saw the worst declines of 2.2% while Slovenia enjoyed the greatest increases of 2.4%. Germany, who boast the largest economy in the sector, fell 0.1% compared to figures from May.

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