Working from home and having an online business does have its advantages but with todays ever growing competition it also has its disadvantages.  Whether you are selling on Ebay, Amazon or any other online shopping portal it can all become stagnant very easily.

The Business Octopus have put together some tips for your online shopping website that could help you bring it all back to life again!

  1. Are you just a UK seller? Have you considered widen your selling circle to international waters.  By having your products available to buy in different countries will give you a chance to ‘test’ to see if this will work for your online shop.  Specify within your product details, FAQ’s and main body of your website that you are willing to post internationally and indicate the difference in postage costs.  Remember though if you are selling within a shopping portal such as Ebay you can specify the actual countries you want to be shown to.  This will also be available for your own websites.
  1. Do you offer free delivery?  Free delivery is an attractive option to customers shopping online and customers do select higher priced items because is ships for free.  Consider a trial period of offering free delivery, if not on all of your products, maybe on total orders over a selected amount.  Lets see what the impact is on your sales!
  1. Are your product titles optimised? Research your products online and see how customers will search for a product.  Look at your analytical packages and see what keywords are being used and look at revising your product titles.  This is a great way to improve your search rankings and results and customers will begin to find your items again.
  1. Are you populating your product item specifics? You may have access within your website or online shopping portals to be able to display the item specifics.  By making sure that all item specifics are correctly tagged will give customers ease in finding your products if they are being specific within their search criterias.  Shoppers are now more than ever drilling down to find the products they want rather than having to trail through pages of products to find what they want.  Investing in alittle time to be specific with your products will have greater results for your sales.
  1. Do you have parent variation listings? A variation listing will group variations of products under a parent listing.  The listing will then give more interest to buyers and show total sold items giving confidence to a buyer. For example, if you have a product that is available in green and purple, and you have sold 2 in green and 3 in purple, the parent listing of the item will show that 5 in total have been sold, giving it more gravitas in search results. Making this change also creates a streamlined buying experience, giving another boost to your chances of even more conversions/sales.

So, with a little bit of invested time, a refresh of your product descriptions and revamping of where you sell to and target your products more to your target market could give your online shop an uplift in sales.