Salon Guide: Juggle Christmas Bookings to Maximise Sales

Deck the halls; Christmas is officially here! It’s the time of year every salon has a dysfunctional relationship with, and if you work in one you have the patience of a saint. Customers congregate around reception, your brew is cold and you’ve inhaled more glitter than a toddler enjoying arts & crafts. It’s one day of many, and it will pass you by in a blur. New Year looms as well, with the influx of `New Year, New Me` customers seeking January sales. The struggle is real, but it doesn’t have to be…



Manage bookings effectively

  1. Designate a member of your team to deal solely with bookings. If you’ve got an apprentice on board, it will teach them how to deliver customer service skills under pressure. You will also avoid mixed messages when it comes to rearrangements and cancellations.
  2. Ensure that the member of staff taking bookings is smiley and energetic; they are your customers first port of call and have the responsibility of creating a good first impression.
  3. Get yourself a good software booking system. Keep a copy of your bookings in a notepad, so they are backed up in the event of a technical malfunction.
  4. Inform your team of changes in appointment times by scribbling them on a whiteboard or by updating a central notice board. It might sound time consuming, but it will save you a backlog if you double-book.

Christmas nailsss

Which bookings should we prioritise?

  1. Returning customers are important to making a steady flow of money, so get personal. Aside from asking customers general questions about the treatment they want, find out why they are getting the treatment in an off-the-record way, and select an appointment accordingly.
  2. Not only will this ensure each appointment is concrete, but it will give you a topic of conversation to bring up during the treatment. Imagine how impressed your customers will be if you remember their story?
  3. On that note, consider a discount for new customers. Mates’ rates are great, but if you are already taking care of your returning customers, reach out to new ones as well.

What if we double-book?

  1. Double-booking will be highly unlikely if care has been taken to document changes in appointment times. If it does happen, quietly squeeze them in the next available slot; offer a special Xmas drink and a cheeky mince pie as part of the service.
  2. We’ve all got friends who book appointments via Facebook rather than calling up the old fashioned way, so ensure a member of staff checks all channels to help avoid customers falling through the cracks.

christmas pic

Do a little self-promotion

Through the rush, you might forget that glamming up your own hair and nails is a good way to promote your business at no extra cost. When you are confident with your booking system, it will leave time for the fun stuff! Take your eye-popping nails to the supermarket, and wait for the “Love those! Where did you get them done?” comments to flood in…

Take advantage of discontinued stock

Ordering the right amount of stock can be daunting at Christmas. Exactly how many variations of Shellac should you get, and how many pots of black glitter does one need? Take a look in the back of your cupboard, and dig out your discontinued or rarely used stock. Be confident that you can rock that stock!

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