Security Tips for your Business at Christmas

The definition of security is protection. Protection is what you need to be considering for you, your business, and your customers; security is increasingly important consideration in all our lives and unfortunately now more than ever there are greater threats to people and property.

With the time of year we need to be more vigilant and look out for anyone suspicious, we are all a target and by working together we can help to protect ourselves.

Top tips to keep your business safe this Christmas

We have put together our top security tips for Christmas, which may help you to think about your security procedures.

Be good at customer service:  A potential criminal does not like to be acknowledged when going on a ‘mission’.  Your staff, at regular intervals, should maintain contact and patrols around your premises including toilet areas.  This will show to your customers that you are safety conscious and keeping them safe.

Reduce your cash flow within your tills at regular intervals and if this not something you already do it would be good practice to put in place now.  If you are already doing it, increase the amount of times that you reduce your till amounts during busy periods.

Vending machines need to be emptied regularly especially in quiet areas for instance within public toilets which are targets for having forced entry for the items within machines or for the cash.  Along with your regular spot checks of your areas and reducing the amount of cash within the machines it can all help to deter a crime related incident.

CCTV and security equipment needs checking daily.  Make sure all CCTV units are in good working order, remove the discs from the previous day and update with a new disc for recording. Remember to date the disc so if you do have a report of a crime you will be able to refer back.  CCTV’s need to produce clear pictures in all areas of your business, if they are not clear they do need to be checked.  If you had to produce footage as evidence in a court of law and the pictures are not clear the evidence will/could be refused.

Banking of your takings is important but it is also important to vary the times that you do this procedure. If you are banking at the same time every day you could be being monitored for a theft, vary the times of day you do this for safety, entrust different members of staff to do it too, so the same person is not always seen.  If a security firm collects your cash, try to ensure that the cash collections are carried out at different times and days of the week too.

Do you have an security incident book to keep a record of incidents that have taken place within your premises?  No matter how unimportant you think they are, you need to mark them down and make sure your staff are up to date with the books procedure.

Are you a member of a security watch?  Updates of local crime and suspicious people will be distributed via fax or email, if you are a member.  Again, these can be updated in the security incident book for all your staff to see and to be made aware off.  Maybe this could form part of your staffing procedures for when they are starting their day’s work, to check the security book.

Temporary staff at this time of year are sometimes a must, remember to check all references and to see if they have a CRB check available.  Most professional temporary staff will have this readily available for you to check.

Remember to brief your door staff at the beginning of each shift if you have them and they too can play a major role in keeping your premises safer.  Refer them also to your security book.

Cashing up at the end of the working day needs to done in a secure environment.  The area must be locked and secure with panic buttons available if required.  Remember to have your alarm system and panic buttons serviced at regular intervals too – if you do find a fault, report it immediately and get it fixed as it could invalidate your business insurance.

Opening and closing your business should be where possible with two people and both must have a mobile phone access.

Any visitors or contractors that are due to your premises must all where ID badges so that they can be easily recognised to all your staff.  No one should be permitted onto your premises without an ID badge, or that have not been checked and verified of their visit.

These are just a guideline of  some of the area’s of security that you may like to consider or even just reiterate to your staff.  By making sure a simple security procedure to your daily workload is either checked or updated with how you do it can safe guard your premises from a criminal offence.

We wish you all a secure and safe Christmas & New Year