Self Employment At Highest Rate Since 1992

The Office of National Statistics has released information showing that not only did unemployment fall by 45,000 in March but self employment reached a high of 4.6m in the same period which is the highest the figures have reached since records began in 1992. There are those analysts that believe this high is merely a mask to hide unemployment rather than a sign of the sheer entrepreneurial spirit that resides in the UK. However, another school of analysis shows that there is little correlation between high self employment figures and entering into a recession.

The government has highlighted the opportunity that exists for those with entrepreneurial spirit to set up their own small business or to become self employed. Doing so can provide the potential to earn more while working fewer hours, but it also carries a number of risks, especially financial ones. You are encouraged, at the very least, to invest in a personal pension plan and small business UK insurance.

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