Self-service machines resulting in a nation of shoplifters

Shocking figures released today show that self-service check-outs are turning Britain into a nation of shoplifters, who steal a total of £1.7billion a year. The survey by involving 2,600 people, revealed that one in five give into temptation and slip items they have not paid for into their bags, walking out with an average of £15 of goods a month. The most frequently pocketed were fruit, vegetables and bakery items – easily done when they are loose products with no barcode – although sweets and toiletries were also noted to be a popular smuggling choice.

Fooling technology: A nation of shoplifters

According to additional findings from the British Retail Consortium, shoplifting is it its highest level for nine years, with losses at £511 million. Shops have been warned that they need to have stringent security measures in place. As the BRC emphasised, ‘Retailers think very carefully before introducing any new technologies into store, and implement appropriate preventative measures’ to help combat this criminal trend.

This was in response to shoplifters naming not being able to use the scanner to blame for their crime, while half confessed they felt they were less likely to get caught – “the machine is easy to fool.” Another reason was because they “didn’t have enough money”. As George Charles from said, “It’s not worth getting into trouble with the police over the matter of a few pieces of fruit and veg.”

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