Last year’s London riots are just one of the examples highlighting the growing risks of widespread youth unrest in the UK.  It has never been more important to review your shop insurance quote and ensure your premises are financial protected against damage.

Youth Unrest

Global economic downturn is affecting all areas of society.  These days there are fewer opportunities to get ahead and increasing pressure on jobs markets:

  • The younger demographics of society are often the ones to suffer the most in these unsteady financial times.
  • They will not have had the chance to build up their own finances and find it difficult to compete with older and more qualified/experienced candidates in jobs markets.
  • This leads to a growing anger at the system and endemic frustrations at the inability to achieve aspirations.
  • Many signs of this growing youth unrest have been seen over the last decade.  Many young people are facing a very negative situation in which they really see no hope for success in their own futures.

Insurance Issues

Many shops were damaged or even completely destroyed in the outbreaks of violence in major UK cities in 2011.  London rioters in particular showed a high level of violence against retail premises and there was a plethora of looting and damage across the city.  This left shop owners facing massive clear up bills.  Those that took the time to sort out their shop insurance quote properly were fortunate.

  • The problem for some retailers came when claiming back these costs in their insurance.
  • In efforts to cut overheads many shop owners found they did not always have the level of insurance they needed to protect them financially against this kind of damage and devastation.
  • With signs of youth unrest still growing in the UK you need to check your next shop insurance quote and ensure it can offer you the protection you may need against thieves and vandals.

We can discuss your policy with you so you know exactly what you are covered for.

Shop Insurance

Getting the best shop insurance quote can help to protect you against turbulent times.  Whether you are facing the risk of rioting or criminal damage to your premises or you are vulnerable to natural forces such as flood you need shop insurance.  Finding an affordable and effective shop insurance quote can help you to protect your business and ensure you get cover when you need it most.

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