6 Small Business Energy Saving Tips

Keeping a business operational is always more expensive than it seems. If you own or manage a business, it’s likely that you’d be searching to reduce outgoing costs as much as possible.

Gas, electricity and business insurance are three of the largest expenses incurred when operating a business, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t save a little energy to cut down on costs.

How can your business save energy?

The Insurance Octopus has put together some energy saving tips that may go towards helping you reduce your carbon footprint both as a business and as an individual.

1) First up, see what your actual impact is on the environment using the WWF Footprint Calculator.

2) Look at comparison energy supplier websites and compare costs. Are you paying more than you need to on energy costs?

3) Energy saving products can sometimes be expensive to buy in the first instance but when compared with the traditional products they do last longer, save energy and save money in the long run.  Remember to consider the long-term gains when buy things like energy saving light bulbs and office supplies.

4) Educate your employees and give them reminders of their own responsibility. Remind them to turn off electrical items after use, switch off lights when they exit a room and to turn off PC’s and other office equipment at the end of a working day.  Monitors and TV’s should not be left on standby as they are still using energy. Put notices up in break areas and near to electrical items, this will help to remind staff.

Below highlights the energy usage a household will use when items are in use and when on standby.

Appliance When on (watts) Standby (watts)
Television 100 10
Laptop Computer 29 2
Mobile Phone Charger 5 2
Computer Monitor 70 11
Answer Machine 3 3
Broadband Model 14 14
Computer  & Peripherals 130 15

5) Turn down air conditioning units or the central heating.  Turning them down a few degrees has been proven to be a money saving trick.

6) Having the flexibility to allow staff to work from home, even just once a week or fortnight could also have a major impact on gas and electricity bills.

This can also help to staff being more productive as they will not have the usual office distractions and there are arguments that this lessens sick days.  As an employee they also save on traveling costs.

This option doesn’t always suit all types of businesses but is being considered more and more for business flexibility.

Let us know your impact on the environment in reducing the carbon footprint and how you have managed to reduce your costs.

At The Insurance Octopus we try to keep your costs as low as possible when searching for an appropriate business insurance policy for you.  We tailor your insurance to what you need for your business.  We insure many trades and business types from Shops to Beauty Salons.  Customer Service is one of our key attributes and we aim to be one of the leading business insurance suppliers within the UK.