Small Business Saturday UK is about promoting and generating trade for business and is now becoming to be known as the equivalent to black Friday or Cyber Monday.  With the UK embarking on celebrating the first Small Business Saturday which is taking place on the first Saturday of December this year – 7th December 2013.

Established in the USA in 2010 where the day is now a commercial holiday and is held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It was launched to help independent businesses get more exposure during the post Thanksgiving shopping madness.  In 2012 the day generated around $5.5 billion in sales.

UK Small businesses of all kinds are taking part, planning special deals for customers, showcasing new products and having joint marketing ventures with local media.  Of the 4.7 million UK small businesses more than 58% employ within the private sector workforce with 97% of the businesses employing less than 30 people.  50% of the UK’s turnover is also helped by the small business.

With major supporters like American Express along with David Cameron voicing his support via social media channel Twitter and a whole host of local councils and MP’s, more and more business are now joining forces for the day to make it a success.

The marketing tag line for consumers is simple – “get out into your local high street and keep it local”

#SmallBizSat is the hashtag of their social media with Twitter offering last year $1million in free advertising for small businesses during the holiday time.  The hashtag during this time was used over 200,000 times with the Facebook page receiving over 3.2 million likes.

With the great opportunities that this marketing initiative brings to businesses within the USA, it is a great opportunity for pre Christmas sales boost for the UK small business economy.  With the right marketing and support it could fast become and fixed date in the UK Calender.

Are you joining in on the Small Business Saturday opportunity?  If you are let us know about it and we will feature you within our website.

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