Small Businesses Exempt from Health and Safety Inspections

The government recently announced that Health and Safety inspections will be the next small business exercise to be thrown on the “red tape bonfire” intended to remove restrictive processes from day to day business.

Many business owners have welcomed this news as it means the considerable effort required to prepare, conduct and report on the results of Health and Safety inspections will be removed, giving them more time to focus on actually running their business.

However, the plans have angered some Trade Unions as they believe that without the inspections, employees could potentially be put at risk in dangerous workplaces where potential hazards go unchecked.

New rules for low-risk workplaces

This latest round of regulatory reform, believed to include some 3,000 regulations, will be introduced from April 2013 for what the government consider to be “low-risk workplaces”. This will include businesses such as shops and pubs, whereas higher risk industries such as construction will still be subject to inspections.

The government claim that this is a “common sense” move and is likely to be followed by a change in legislation, meaning that businesses can only be held liable for compensation claims relating to Health and Safety claims when it can be shown that they have acted negligently.

Consequences of reform for your business

The removal of Health and Safety inspections by the government is essentially entrusting small business owners with a greater degree of responsibility for the working environment they provide. So having a comprehensive Business Insurance policy to protect you against the unexpected will be more important than ever.

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