Have You Got Social Media for your Business?

Social media for any business is now becoming a confusing mass of choice.

With the way that business is conducted, the usage of social media does have an overall impact on communicating with your followers being your prospects and customers.  So how do small businesses use social media and is it having an impact?

As a small business, why do I need to use Social Media?

Social media is now an important part of communication and people will communicate with the use of many types of devices from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PC’s.  Social media has now over taken SMS text messaging, so for a businesses to reach their target audience they need to be communicating using the methods their customer are using.

“billions of people are using social media everyday”

How Do I Start with Social Media?

With simple planning of what goals and objectives need to be achieved will form the strategy for implementation in to your social medias.  Writing down the goals and objectives will give a structured plan and make the goals of achievement to be in line with SMART objectives –

  • Specific – clear and well defined, make it clear to anyone that has a basic knowledge of your business
  • Measureable – is your goal obtainable
  • Achievable – is there a realistic path to achievement
  • Realistic – within the availability of resources, knowledge and time
  • Timely – give enough time to achieve

How much time should I spend on Social Media each day?

Dependent on the business size will determine how much time is required to keep on top of your social media.  Until the engagement and conversations start to develop then it will determine the amount of time that is spent on social media.

When should I post onto Social Media?

Look at the profiling and lifestyle of your following and then think about the time of day to send posts.  Target posts at the right time of day for your audience will get more engagement and more people seeing your brand.  For example if you are posting about job vacancies maybe consider posting when people are on the way to work, lunch time and after a days work finishes at 5.00pm, but if you want to target new mums maybe post mid morning or mid afternoon when their babies are be napping.

Testing times and different forms of posts subjects will give you a measure of when is best to post.  Find out what works best for your business, industry type and customers.

There are so many Social Media’s!

Facebook is the obvious choice for most businesses with over a billion users worldwide.  Facebook is great to target your audience having brilliant advertising option.  Did you know that on average people in the UK are checking their Facebook profile around 14 times a day.

Twitter is also a great way to talk and create conversations with your prospects and customers.  Twitter will give you access to news quicker, but remember your messages need to get across within 140 character limit.

Pinterest is a fantastic form of visual social media used to upload and share photos of any subject you can think of, remembering to link back to your website. Women are by far the biggest users of Pinterest.

Google+ is more widely used by men.  Google+ is now tipped to be the social media to challenge Facebook in the next few years.  Google+ is used in a similar way to Facebook, posting news, views, photos but adding people t circles to create engagement.

LinkedIn is a Business to Business social media channel and is a lot more business formal than others. LinkedIn is an excellent platform to connect and network on a professional basis.  Adding your company profile is also good for your connections to follow.

There are many social media available with only a few of the popular ones selected above.  Remember  when planning your choice of social media, do you have the human resource to be able to post to all and keep up to date.  Time management will need to be considered for your planning strategy.

Does Social Media have a cost?

For a small business with little or no marketing budget then the cost will only be the resource time that you put into creating your social media accounts and keep the engagement with your followers.  If you want to increase, your business exposure consider upgrading your accounts to an affordable level.

For example

  • Facebook you can create further engagement with small advertisements capping a daily budget allowance
  • Linkedin you can upgrade your account to a premium account which will allow you to have a greater visibility and to network easily with new and current connections
  • Look at using a social media management system like Hootsuite.  Generally used for business and people that have lots of social media’s to post to and they will help you to execute your campaigns across all your medias

Social media is a great communication tool so for your business to be have a successful medi, plan, test and measure then you will be on the right track.