Support for Flooded Pubs

LTC which is The Licensed Trade Charity are offering to help publicans who manage or own pubs and breweries that have been flooded with the recent weather conditions.  The help comes from the charity if your business insurance doesn’t cover you in some instances but this will be subject to approval.  For more information of what the charity can offer you in circumstances please go to their website at and search for ‘flood’, or call their care line on 0808 801 0550 open from 8.00am to 8.00pm 7 days a week.

The LTC can help in a variety of ways

  • Income: if you and your staff lose any income as a result of the flood damage to the property, the charity maybe able to help with a short term solution of support with essential bill payments.
  • In you live in the damaged premises and it is now not liveable the charity will look to help with temporary accommodation with the possibility of the charity contributing towards the costs.
  • If essential items have been damaged  and destroyed and these items are not covered by insurance LTC maybe able to help with the replacement.
  • If you or your staff are ill and require special support again the LTC will look to support and help you in this situation.

Being flooded is a very upset time for anyone, and it can happen quickly so you will not necessarily be prepared for it too.  When organising your Pub Insurance, check that it will cover you for the unforeseen incidents that could occur.

Choosing the right insurance package for your business is important and will protect you financially. Call one of our insurance specialist today to discuss your business insurance quote tailored to your business.