Surgery and Clinic Insurance – Vital Cover for Doctors, Dentists, Vets and other Health Professionals

Whether you run a medical surgery or veterinary clinic, having a comprehensive insurance plan in place is paramount.

Establishments where patients go to see doctors, dentists and vets, or to undergo cosmetic treatments, must be covered by an adequate surgeries and clinic insurance package.

Health professionals are under a huge amount of pressure on a daily basis to make the right decisions when it comes to their patients; making an accurate diagnosis, providing the correct prescriptions and referring people on to specialists if deemed necessary.

But, no matter how competent staff members are, mistakes can and do regularly happen. Plus, besides human error, there is always a risk of medical equipment malfunctioning or patients making false claims against you resulting in huge legal bills. This is why having a bespoke insurance plan put together to cover your clinic or surgery from a variety of risks is vital.

Public and employers liability insurance

By far the most important element of an insurance plan for medical clinics and cosmetic surgeries, public liability insurance and employers liability insurance provide essential protection should a member of the public, a patient or an employee make a claim against you.  If you are sued for damages, this liability insurance covers the financial fallout.

Buildings and contents

Whether the premises is damaged in a storm or expensive equipment is stolen during a burglary, buildings and contents insurance covers the costs of carrying out repairs and replacing items.

Medication stores

Veterinary practices, doctors’ clinics and cosmetic surgeries often have medicines stored on site. For peace of mind, it’s possible to insure your medication stores against circumstances such as theft and the deterioration of drugs.

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