Tablet or e-Reader

Tracking which is the best tablet or e-reader is a constant monitoring mindfield with no clear winner in terms of adoption.  However, there is now one device that is clearly dominating in terms of household ownership…. The Tablet

Comparing the figures from Quarter 4 of 2012 to Quarter 1 of 2013 because for the first time tablet ownership has now doubled meaning that 1 in 4 of the households in the UK  now own a tablet.  If tablets growth continues at the current rate, it is anticipated that reaching the 50% milestone will be seen.  This is compared to a 1% increase in e-Readers over the same period.

Over the next quarter it will be interesting to see the rate of growth for tablet ownership in households to that of smartphones, which has increased at a steady rate since their first boom in growth during Quarter 4 2010 reaching 50% in November 2012.

We do generally see a hike in e-Readers during the summer months  which is likely due to the glare free screens on the e-Readers which use E-ink rather than an LCD display making it the perfect device to use in bright sunlight conditions.  In previous years this is when we have seen the usual hike in ownership and e-Readers have caught up and matched the levels of tablet ownership.

Are you a tablet person or are you an e-Reader person?