Tanning Salon Insurance

Similarly to clinics and surgeries, owning a beauty or tanning salon will open you and your business to more risks, purely from the nature of a working environment around a lot of chemical exposures.

Your business has to be safe against these risks, particularly if you are a tanning salon owner.

More reasons to be covered

An article in late 2013 exposed a study from Dundee University that showed that some sunbeds emit UV rays that are stronger than Mediterranean summer sun. It was also found last year that nearly 7 in 10 sunbeds tested by council inspectors were using dangerous levels of UV that were damaging clients who were then claiming compensation for damages to their skin.

Due to the real dangers that can incur from tanning beds, it is vital that you protect your business with the right level of insurance.

There are many options available from The Insurance Octopus that can help you are safe from potential risks. These include public liability insurance, which can provide up to £5m worth of cover if a member of the public gets hurt or damaged on your premises.

Products themselves can carry dangers too. For example a product that is used for sunbed tanning could cause an injury or health problem to a customer; in this instance it’s recommended that products liability insurance is vital as part of your business insurance.

There are further add-ons to tanning insurance, such as business interruption, cash on premises and personal accident too. For a tailored insurance package, why not speak to us here at The Insurance Octopus today to discuss the right cover? Call us on 0161 968 2060 or email quote@insuranceoctopus.co.uk.