Tenants Prefer Accredited Landlords

According to a survey by the National Landlord Association, more than half of tenants would be more likely to rent property from an accredited landlord.

However, while 51% said they would prefer an accredited landlord, only 19% knew whether their existing landlord was accredited or not.

Accreditation is voluntary but those landlords that do seek accreditation need to attend courses and show a knowledge of local property and tenancy laws.

The same survey showed that more than three quarters (76%) of respondents had been living in the same property for four years or more.

David Salusbury, chairman of the National Landlord Association said that “accreditation is an effective way for landlords to develop their professional capabilities and, as our research shows, is a credible tool for marketing to tenants.”

There are many factors to consider as a landlord. You need to ensure that you have suitable property in your portfolio and that you have a high rate of tenancy from your portfolio at all times.

Being accredited could help fill properties quicker which means it could be a viable and beneficial route to take.

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