The Importance of Professional Indemnity Cover

Risks for your company’s financial security are very real and can come in all shapes and sizes. One of these risks comes from the very clients and customers you are aiming to please with your products or services.

Professional indemnity cover is a real necessity for businesses of all sizes if they want to protect the financial status of their company against legal action brought against them for a variety of reasons.

If your business provides a professional service or gives some form of advice or consultancy, then you’re at risk of that advice or service having a negative impact on your clients, for which they may claim against you.

Be Prepared with the Right Cover

An indemnity claim can come out of the blue and you may not be able to predict when your business may be faced with one. You might have no idea about the problems your business may or may not have caused until your receive a letter telling you that you are being sued.

Should you be found guilty it is important to have some kind of financial reserves ready to pay out for the legal expenses and compensation.

Seeing as this may amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds it is far more realistic to make sure your business has Professional Indemnity cover instead to help cover the costs of legals fees and compensation should something go wrong.

What Protection is Possible?

By taking out the correct indemnity cover for your company, you can be protected against all sorts of issues that may arise in the course of your business. These include:

  • Negligence
  • Defamation
  • Infringement of intellectual property
  • Loss or damage to client documents and data, whether actual or alleged

Call to ask us about the correct indemnity insurance for your business and find the right cover for your industry to ensure you are not paying more than you need to. We provide bespoke packages that will suit your business needs.

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