How do you ensure you’re meeting and talking to a continual stream of new potential customers?

Sometimes, our minds draw a blank on this one. Sometimes, we’ve got lots of ideas but something is stopping us moving forward. Even as a well-weathered marketer I find myself blocking activity because of perceived problems.

For all sorts of reasons, us humans are very good at putting up barriers. They can be hard to spot but they usually start with “Yes, but…”.

When it comes to new business, these often sound like:

Yes but, I just need to wait until my website is live”, or “Yes but, then I’ll attract too many customers and won’t be able to cope…”, or “Yes but, I don’t know how…

Sound familiar?

When you’re brain goes bust and you’re surrounded by dead ideas and a pressing need to reach out to more people, try this powerful mindset trick to shake things up a bit.

Ask yourself:

What could I POSSIBLY do to attract new customers?

‘Possibly’ is a very empowering word. It puts our minds into a future-focused mindset. Nothing’s happened there yet; everything is to play for. There are no barriers in the future!

Try it. Ask yourself what you could possibly do to attract new customers and spend just 5 minutes writing down everything that comes to mind. It doesn’t matter how many ideas you write down, the point is the change in mindset – you’re thinking in a different way!

Once you’ve got yourself revved up with optimism and potential possibilities, take a look at the list below.

I’ve capture 19 of the most popular and proven ways to reach new customers, fast. Add them to your list and go at them with the attitude: What might POSSIBLY happen?

19 Popular and Proven Ways To Reach New Customers

  1. Networking groups
    Every town has one. Usually, you can attend the first one or two for free before signing up.
  1. Breakfast briefings
    A useful combination of professional development, networking and breakfast!
  1. Attend seminars
    More professional development, and you never know who you might be sitting next to!
  1. Attend government-funded freebies (like the Growth Hub)
    Free to attend and usually full of like-minded business owners. A great place to learn from your peers and access other government-funded support services
  1. Join groups on LinkedIn
    Virtually network from the comfort of your computer chair! Provide tonnes of value and you’ll become a firm favourite in forums.
  1. Join Facebook groups
    Network, share value and promote your wares. Try an 80/20 combination when it comes to selling – 80% of the time add value; 20% of the time promote your services. Visual updates are always popular on Facebook.
  1. Create a Facebook group
    Creating your own Facebook group can help connect clients and potential clients, offer support and build dialogue and community – all good new business tactics.
  1. Connect with people you’ve already met – on- and offline
    If you’ve already met them for a coffee, could you (possibly!) follow them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn? Have you recently read something you know will be of value to them? Pass it on and spark a conversation. Who knows what might happen!
  1. Ask an existing client for a referral
    A good referral to the right business takes away much of the sales cycle. There’s already trust and a degree of knowledge when someone introduces or recommends a business. Which customer could possibly introduce you to a new client?
  1. Begin a client newsletter
    Reaching out to your existing network can ignite conversations and spread the good word of your business. Asking readers to share high value content will help you reach new people, too.
  1. Blogging and guest blogging
    Blogging builds authority and dialogue, it’s great for SEO and guest blogging is a fab way to reach new audiences. Check out this article on The Media Octopus for more info.
  1. Bag some Business Insurance
    Business insurance and Professional Indemnity can help your business look more professional and open doors. Insurance is often mandatory if you’d like to become a service provider for government schemes or join trade or industry bodies.
  1. Adwords campaigns
    A targeted advert on Google and a well-written landing page can secure new customers fast.
  1. Twitter advertising
    What could a sponsored post possibly achieve for your business? You don’t know until you try! Have a clear goal in mind, and give it a go.
  1. Local direct mail drop
    What might possibly happen if you took half an hour to drop leaflets or information in to business or residence in your local area?
  1. Local newspaper ads
    Could a newspaper advert possibly attract your golden client? Using a dedicated phone number or email address on an advert will help you monitor how successful it is.
  1. Branding on vehicles
    Are you a business who gets about? What might happen if you brand your vehicle (and clothing) with your business colours, logo and contact information?
  1. Conversations with other local business owners
    What could you possibly say to local business owners that might spark new relationships and opportunities? Sometimes it’s as easy as saying ‘Hello’?
  2. Complimentary trades and services
    Could you offer preferential pricing to complimentary trades and services? If you’re a plumber, do you know a good bricky who could pass clients on to you? If you’re a designer, could you work with a web developer?

There are dozens more ways to reach out to new clients but the secret to this survival kit is all in the mindset! Adding in a pinch of possibility changes the way we think and take action.

How else do you reach new businesses? Do you have a proven or popular way to reach new people? Why not share your ideas in the comments – who knows what might possibly happen!