The Rise of the Vegan Chippy

Last year, 540,000 people in the UK adopted a plant-based diet; that’s more than 1% of the population! Mintel predicts the market value will hit £673m by 2020, coming up from £540m at the last count. Demands are quickly rising for vegan products such as dairy-free milks, cheeses and spreads², with many cafes and restaurants offering a clean option on the menu. Record numbers of people are avoiding food derived from animals, with many flocking to a variety of outlets to enjoy tasty treats.

April saw the opening of the UK’s first all vegan chippy

Tofish, deep-fried vegan `sausages` and chips cooked in animal friendly oils are all on the menu at Matter Fast Food in Bristol,  AKA the UK’s first all vegan chippy¹. An original spin on a British classic, this chip shop is a million miles away from the cuisine you’d be handed wrapped in newspaper as a kid. Falafel balls, fermented vegetables and an array of fresh Chinese dishes are also served, giving vegans the opportunity to enjoy the full chip shop experience while sticking to the dietary specifications. Other big cities such as Birmingham, Coventry and Bedford are now home to popular chip shops stocking vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Vegetarian butchers- coming soon to a high street near you?

Holland-based chain The Vegetarian Butcher, the world’s first plant butcher, is in talks with an UK ethical investment company that wants to bring the concept to the UK. Selling delights such as sausage rolls, bratwurst and `little willies`, the butcher supplies to restaurants in 13 countries including Switzerland and China. As for the UK, the Hyde Park Book Shop Cafe in Leeds is the place to go if you want a rare sampling of what The Vegetarian Butcher has to offer. The US, Canada, Spain and Germany have also opened outlets to cater for customers seeking plant based products that look, smell and taste like real meat.


Veganism was once seen as a restrictive diet, but now attitudes are becoming more open and the diet is becoming a global norm. What’s more, consumers are becoming more aware of farming practises, and want food that will nurture their bodies and the environment². Thinking of turning your chippy vegan? Not only will it widen your customer base and do good for the environment, this new fangled concept will reap extra revenue for years to come!

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², UK’s First Vegan Fish n’ Chip Shop Wins Award, March 2017