Tradesman and Contractor Insurance – Protection for High Risk Jobs

When working as a tradesman or contractor, you’ll be faced with a much higher risk rate than if you had a job sitting in an office all day. On a daily basis, there are so many possible occurrences and dangers to watch out for.

It’s therefore essential to consider these factors when searching for an adequate insurance package that will protect you in the aftermath of a variety of high risk scenarios.

Whatever your trade name is – builder, plumber, gardener, carpenter or electrician to name just a few – experts at The Insurance Octopus can put a bespoke plan together that’s tailor-made for your specific business.

Get the right small business insurance for your trade

From public liability and personal accident insurance to cover for legal costs and equipment damage, there are a number of different elements that can be included in your plan. Here at The Insurance Octopus, experts are on hand to find you a comprehensive tradesman and contractor package with features such as all risks cover – insuring your construction work and the materials should they be stolen or damaged.  This handy policy also covers the additional labour costs of rebuilding previously completed work.

Any job where there are dangerous tools and machinery around comes with an increased risk factor. What if you’re seriously injured on the job and unable to work for a while? What if a customer or member of the public is hurt after tripping over a piece of equipment you left out and decides to take legal action? What happens if your supplies are stolen? What if vandals destroy your work and you have to start from scratch? These are just some of the possibilities that you need to be protected against.

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