Tradesman insurance offers cover to those who face risks every day in their line of work. When working daily on the property of others you are opening yourself up to many different types of claims that could be made against you. Perhaps the most worrying of these are damage to property or personal injuries caused by work you have carried out.

With the possibility of being liable for costs ever present in this line of work it is essential to have the best types of cover when it comes to insurance. By protecting yourself with tradesman insurance that covers litigation you are better protected against financial problems caused by members of the public, your customers and your employees claiming compensation as a direct result of your actions.

Concerns over Compensation Claim Trends

In almost every advert break on television there are adverts for solicitors offering no win no fee services to the public. Litigation claims have been on the increase for many years, and practically any business is at risk from being sued. It is wise to protect yourself with liability insurance designed for tradesmen so that any claims can be dealt with effectively without the concern of having to find potentially hundreds of thousands to cover compensation and legal fees. We specialise in tradesman insurance policies and have various options available with our panel of insurers to make sure your policy with us in bespoke to your needs.

Don’t earn whilst not Working?

Self-employed tradesmen also have to consider how to cope should they be injured at work and as a result unable to work for a period of time. Tradesmen face many dangers each day especially when working in the construction industry, with power tools or while working with electricity. Many accidents happen each year resulting in injuries which prevent workers in trades from being able to work.

Tradesman insurance provides you with financial protection should you find you are injured and unable to carry on working. Personal accident cover can be added onto your policy to ensure you are not left out of pocket. This offers not only some financial security for a set period of time, it also provides peace of mind allowing you to focus on your recovery rather than fretting about how you will be able to make ends meet.

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